Permanent Staffing


Permanent Staffing

Apriotek , is a full-service human resource consulting firm which has been operating throughout India, & our emphasis is on providing cost-effective, specialized assistance in locating qualified, skilled personnel in a wide range of occupational areas.

Apriotek assists you in selecting the most suitable candidates in any field on a permanent basis. With a dedicated belief of total commitment to the companies for whom Apriotek provides permanent staffing services, it delivers value for money by careful screening of individual profiles. Our database for permanent staffing services includes serious candidates that possess the requisite experience and exposure to do complete justice to the nature of duties assigned. Hence if you need permanent staff for your company, rest assured, Team Plus will fulfill your HR needs and you can enjoy a relaxed and stress-free staffing procedure.

Permanent staffing deals with permanent and full-time positions.Apriotek offers reliable, affordable and value-driven direct-hire staffing services. We are involved only during the recruitment and hiring process. Once the job offer is accepted, the candidate goes directly on the client’s payroll.

Permanent staffing offers high level of consistency and stability to both the employees and employers. The staff gains from better sense of job stability, promotions, and perks. For the company this means gainful access to talents, skills, culture, and realization of long-term goals. Apriotek ’ Permanent staffing features,

Better hires and committed candidates
Expanded pool of active and passive candidates
Availability of right-fit talent
Attracting, screening, and interviewing

As a matured direct hire recruiter, we have streamlined the process from job posting to hiring. Availing our staffing support means to adopt specialized hiring processes. We ensure that all the openings are filled accurately and quickly.

Why Apriotek?

We provide customized outsourcing solutions to manage the Human Resource Operations.

Unlimited support

Apriotek is a leading Global IT Staffing Service provider, working to identify competent IT professionals.

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We specialize in multiple job fields, and maintain effective communication with potential candidates. Only hires with the right set of IT skills and competencies are shortlisted.

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